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Dayanna Pirez, Esq.

Founder/ Real Estate Attorney

Attorney Dayanna Pirez was born in Cuba and raised in Miami. Since she was a little girl, her family always said she would grow up to be an attorney. Her advocacy skills were evident even as a child. Following her dreams, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Florida International University.


After college, she started her legal education at St. Thomas University School of Law. Shortly after starting law school, she met her husband. During her second year of law school she was pleasantly surprised with the news that they were expecting their first child. She didn’t let the news alter her path but rather used it as fuel to propel her to graduate in two and a half years.


After graduation, while concentrated on studying for the Florida Bar, she found out that she was now expecting her second child. Unwavered, she studied harder and was determined to pass the bar on her first try. Though the path was not the easiest, she accomplished all her goals. As an attorney, she uses that same determination and tenacity to help her clients.

Jonathan Valdes

Founder / Business Developer

Jonathan Valdes was born and raised in Hialeah, Florida. At a very early age he fell in love with playing baseball. His abilities to play the sport good earned him many accolades. His senior year in high school he received many scholarships to play baseball in college. He decided to stay home and signed with St. Thomas University in Miami, FL. In 2007 he earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

As a social individual he quickly realized he needed to do something in his career that revolved around building and cultivating relationships. After several dull years in the banking industry, he took a leap of faith and started working as a business to business representative for a Home Inspection company. Within the year he was studying to obtain his Real Estate License and passed. At the time his wife was going to law school. While he was practicing Real Estate he noticed the lack of customer service in the Title industry. He immediately saw an opportunity and advised his wife to open up her own firm after passing her Florida Bar Exam. It only took a few months before business started to flourish.

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